Hello everybody !

Exciting times ..gotta say - I’m working on my own music again, and I was gonna make an EP. That was the plan. 4 songs.
But it turned out both me and the Beatgees, my producers in Berlin just were too inspired. So all of a sudden we had 13-14 songs and … we don’t wanna stop.
At some point we have to but… maybe just one more Smiley wink

I’ve also have had a few cool releases this month as a writer.
One song with the Voice of Germany Coach Rea Garvey’s deluxe album «prisma» ,called «Scars»
And there are 8 songs on Lena’s Crystal sky deluxe version that came out the same week. And Stephanie Heinzmann is releasing «stranger in this world» as her next single.

Next year will be exciting. I’ll tell you all about it later..

And with all of this going on.. i felt i needed a website, and my fellow musician and good friend Jens Bredberg snapped a few photos of me and put it all together.
That’s what friends are for.

Hope you like it and i hope you pop in to see whats new now and then !
I’ll get back to the studio now.


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